Ajahn Helen Jandamit

United Kingdom


Born in the United Kingdom , Ajahn Helen Jandamit moved to Thailand in 1974. Since her arrival, she has helped to bring compassion to Thai Theravada Buddhism.

Ajahn Helen received three ordinations within the Mook Rim Korean Mahayana Buddhist lineage. Now, she holds the esteemed and honored position of “Field Reverend.” In southeast Asia, she is the first western woman to earn recognition as a Buddhist Meditation Master.

For 27 years, she has taught vipassana meditation in Thailand , and her students number in the thousands. She has taught at Wat Maha Dhatu, the Young Buddhist Association of Thailand, the World Fellowship of Buddhists, the International Buddhist Meditation Center (which she co-founded), as well as, the House of Dhamma, her own meditation center.

Her books on meditation have traveled around the world, and are translated into many languages.