Bhiksuni Lama Karma Pema Tsultrim


As a Buddhist in her early years, Bhiksuni Lama Karma Pema Tsultrim studied at a Catholic High School in Darjeeling, India: Saint Theresa's High School. After completing high school, she took Buddhist ordination from His Holiness the 16th Gyalwang Karmapa and joined Karma Drubgyu Thargay Ling Nunnery. She completed all of her duties at her nunnery, and even a 3 year solitary retreat, which earned her the esteemed title of "Lama."
Bhiksuni Lama Karma Pema Tsultrim has traveled to the USA , Europe and Southeast Asia as a monastic involved in Inter-Religious Dialogue. She maintains her meditation and chanting practice, while being socially concerned. When asked by a student as to how to address the challenges of the AIDS pandemic, particularly in Southeast Asia and the sex trade industry, she replied with a master's clarity in saying, "A Bodhisattva does not ride on the back of a chicken." The student pondered, smiled and replied, "Yes. Of course! A Bodhisattva always rides on the back of a tiger. Thank you, Master." The meaning of this anecdote is that whoever works for the benefit of society needs to be full of love and compassion as a Bodhisattva and as strong and determined as a tiger.