Anchalee Thaiyanond


Anchalee Thaiyanond, a Thai national, received her education in France at the Universite de Grenoble. Later, she became a disciple of the well-know Thai meditation master, Luangpor Teean.

Before meeting Luangpor Teean, Anchalee had never been interested in religion, merit-making, or keeping precepts. In fact, it was by coincidence that she read some of Luangpor Teean's books in 1984; she then developed faith in his teachings. She decided to practice a dynamic form of meditation (movement meditation) which he taught, and in 1985, she visited the master to begin intensive practice. Luangpor Teean stayed near her throughout her time of practice. After only one hour of intensive practice, she experienced insight into the phenomenon of "body-mind." Luangpor Teean, aware of her giftedness, suggested that she continue the practice in her daily life in Bangkok . Anchalee thus practiced and went to visit her teacher every time she experienced knowledge arising within herself. After four months of practice, during her busy daily life in Bangkok , the natural phenomenon of “arising and ceasing" became apparent to her.

Anchalee continued on with her meditation practice and offered her first Dhamma talk in 1986. Luangpor Teean asked her to speak before a gathering about her own experiences. From then on, she taught movement meditation for developing awareness. She has taught members of the international community and Thais at Mahidol University , the World Fellowship of Buddhists, and individually at her home. Her international students have come from Singapore , the USA and the United Kingdom . In 1999 the Buddhist Association of the United States reprinted her book Against the Stream as a meditation book for practitioners. To date she has published several articles and books.