Samaneri Sukhetta


Samaneri Sukhetta trained in Marketing at a Vocational College for her Associate’s degree, and worked in marketing for 10 years. At the age of 25 she became interested in Dhamma, and by the age of 29 ordained as a Maechee. She continued her practice and studies, and in 2004 she ordained as a Samaneri in Yasothorn, Thailand at the age of 33.

After her ordination she dedicated her time to assisting 5 other women to ordain as Samaneris – the most substantial number of women’s ordinations in Thailand as Samaneri’s to date. She helped train the newly ordained Samaneri in Pali, oration, vinaya for Samaneri’s and Bhikkhuni’s, as well as, the role of women religious leaders in the society-at-large.

She fund-raised for the construction of 5 dwellings (kutis) for the Samaneris and a large water-reserve tank for their fresh water. She also taught Buddhist ethics and English to village children. Samaneri Sukhetta organized Dhamma practice and ceremonies for various important Buddhist holidays.

Despite the obstacles posed by Thai society to women seeking advanced Buddhist studies and ordination, she is single-minded in her determination, and deserves the utmost admiration. Currently she is residing in Sri Lanka , and is in the process of training herself in Buddhist theory and practice so that she will be able to help more women in Buddhism in Thailand in the future. Samaneri Suketta is a hope for Thai Buddhists and society.