Bhiksuni Chan Lien


After adopting Chinese & Tibetan Buddhist traditions, Master Chan Lien took retreat to study the Buddha’s teachings & various main Buddhist schools & meditated in graveyards.

With excellent cultural & art literacy, she lectures around the world to several tens of thousands of disciples & students. Her lecturing includes: schools, prisons & various groups. Bhiksuni Chan Lien discusses the philosophy of life with teachers, students, prisoners & those of all walks of life.

Bhiksuni Chan Lien actively participates in social work, assisting those with impaired vision, body, hearing & mentally challenged, even the elderly. In addition to helping people cultivate compassion, kindness, knowledge, virtue & wisdom, she is enthusiastically concerned about public welfare & facilitates for the physically & mentally challenged to further advance their study & practice, so that they are able to realize the teachings of the Buddha in their daily lives. As a result, Master Chan Lien has gain excellent results & respect from the disabled & the social welfare groups, & is recognized as the “Mentor of the Blind,” the “Mentor of the Disabled,” and the “Mentor of Public Welfare.” In 2012, Bhiksuni Chan Lien was granted an Honorary Doctoral Degree in Education by the Korean International Culture University & was invited as to serve as the Honorary President of Nanjing Yida Education College.


  1. Mingdao Senior High School
  2. Department of Social Work, Shih Chien University
  3. Graduate School of Chinese Studies, Chinese Culture University
  4. Honorary Doctoral Degree in Education, Korean International Culture University


  1. Cultural Center for the Blind – Permanent Mentor
  2. Buddhism Journal for the Blind – Founder and President
  3. Prajna Buddhism College – Founder & Dean
  4. Tse Yuan Publisher – Chief Editor
  5. Chinese Wuyen Association – Founder & First, Second, Fifth & Sixth Chairperson
  6. Chinese Buddhist Qigong Association – Honorary Chairperson
  7. Association of Wulai District New Taipei City for Senior Citizens – Mentor
  8. Buddhism Satellite TV – Adviser
  9. Arts Promotion Association for the Disabled ROC – Adviser
  10. Chinese Compassionate Love Association – The First & the Third Vice-Chairperson
  11. Chinese Religious Affairs Reform Association – Vice Chairperson
  12. Chinese Buddhism Bhikkuhni Association – Board Director, Vice Chairperson
  13. Chinese Buddhism Temple Association – Board Director, Managing Director
  14. Nepal Anada Foundation – Founder & President
  15. World Buddhism Sangha Association – Sixth & Seventh Executive Commissioner
  16. World Buddhism Chinese Sangha Association – Eighth & Ninth Executive Commissioner
  17. World Buddhist Friendship Association – Executive Commissioner
  18. World Buddha and Sanga Offering Service – Adviser and Mentor
  19. Buddha Heart Magazine – Adviser
  20. Small Newspaper Publisher – Adviser
  21. Enlightenment Magazine – Adviser
  22. Great Light Magazine – Adviser
  23. Taiwan Formosa Art Association for Vision Impaired – Adviser
  24. Chinese Palliative Care Association – Adviser
  25. Fachung News – Mentor
  26. Hubei Lotus Gate Mountain Ji-shuang Chen Temple – Chungshin Patriarch
  27. Mulan Fellowship of ROC National Association of SME – Mentor of Public Welfare
  28. Mentor for Groups, Adviser, Lecturer of Forums for Domestic & Overseas Schools, Religions, Culture, Art, Education, Prisons, Social Welfare Groups
  29. Precept Instructor for Precept Transmission, Karma Master, Ritual Guide of Bhikkhus & Bhikkhunis Ordination, Lay Persons Ordination & Eight Precepts.

Current Positions

  1. Lotus Gate Society – President
  2. Chinese Wuyen Association – Permanent Mentor
  3. Korean Lotus Gate Society – Mentor
  4. Scholar International Multi-media – Chief Supervisor
  5. Chinese Vision Impaired Alliance – Honorary Chairperson
  6. World Buddhist Sangha Society – Executive Commissioner
  7. Suzhou Shenchin Buddhhist College – Honorary President
  8. Suzhou Tse-chinTemple – Honorary Abbot
  9. Jiang-Yien Pure Land Temple – Abbess of Temple
  10. Preparation Office for Jiang Yien Ancient Buddhist Temple – Honorary Director
  11. Chinese Buddhist Sangha Society – Managing Director
  12. Chinese Buddhist Temple Association – Board Director
  13. Chinese Elderly Welfare Care Association – Managing Director
  14. Chinese Young Buddhist Association – Managing Director
  15. Taipei Buddhist Association – Managing Director
  16. Nanjing Yida Education College – Honorary President
  17. Lotus Gate Mountain – Abbot


A Commentary on The Sutra on the Eight Realizations of the Great Beings, One Hundred Questions & Answers about The Sutra of The Great Vows of Kishitigarbha Bodhisattva, The Shocking Pores, Flying Red Dust, A Collection of Learning, The First Collection of Stopped Cloud, The Second Collection of Stopped Cloud, Astonishing Fly of the Mentor for the Blind, A Brief Discussion of the Sutra of the Great Vows of Kishitigarbha Bodhisattva, A Letter of Lotus Leaves, Dharma Talk of the Mentor for the Blind, Air Transmission of Truths, Trace of Mustard Seed, etc.


A Chronicle of Master Ming Yang, Tse Juei Buddha Temple, A Chronicle of Master Wu Ming


Things That Cannot be Talked About by the Buddha, Interviews with the Mentor for the Blind (under compilation)