Bhikkhuni Silasupatra


Bhikkhuni Silasupatra is very morally courageous. Deep in the northern forests of Thailand near the border with Myanmar she is building a meditation center for Thai Bhikkhunis. She has overcome many obstacles in her pursuit of higher ordination and building her forest temple. She pioneers gender equality for women in Buddhism in Tak, a remote province of Thailand.

Her spiritual journey began at the age of 35 when she ordained as an 8 precept, white-robed nun and now at the age of 50 she has been a Bhikkhuni in good-standing for 5 years already.

She is a “tudong,” forest wandering master who has found peace in building her forest temple and offering Dhamma teachings to Thai teenagers. Bhikkhuni Silasupatra has won the hearts of villagers and local Bhikkhus to support her vision of the reestablishment of the four-fold Sangha.

Bhikkhuni Silasupatra is fearless, and an amazing role model for Buddhist women in the world today.