Bhiksuni Tenzin Kacho


Bhiksuni Tenzin Kacho is an American Buddhist nun who was born and raised in Hawaii . She is of Japanese ancestry. For thirty years she studied Buddhism. She raised one daughter who is now living in France . She ordained in India in the Vajrayana lineage in 1985. His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet ordained and taught her. In India , she resided and studied at Geden Choling Nunnery.

When she returned to the USA , she lived in California , and held the distinguished post of Executive Secretary of the Buddhist Sangha Council of Southern California, an organization consisting of venerable monastics and teachers from many countries. Bhiksuni Tenzin Kacho engages in Sangha building and worked to unite the diverse American Sangha council twice, for its first two historic meetings.

Currently, she lives in Colorado , USA and is the abbess of Thubten Shedrup Ling Center for Buddhism and Tibetan Culture in Colorado Springs . She also teaches Buddhism and meditation at Colorado College , Ganden House Buddhist Center , and the US Air Force Academy. Bhiksuni Tenzin Kacho holds the esteemed position of Buddhist Chaplain to the US Air Force Academy. She teaches meditation and peaceful inner reflection to the cadets.