Senator Rabiaprat Pongpanit


Senator Rabiaprat Pongpanit took her early training in Political Science at Thammasat University . Then she went on to work for the Thai Ministry of Finance’s Personnel Office for more than twenty years. Next, she made a very active inner decision and spiritual transition, and came forth to accept responsibility as a community leader: President of Nakhonpanom’s Red Cross for three years, President of Khonkaen’s Red Cross for five years, President of the Association for the Promotion of Women's Culture in Khonkaen, and consultant to the Khonkaen Women’s Development Committee.

Throughout her career she has guided and assisted the poor of Thailand ’s northeastern region to have better housing, health and education. She is honest and direct in her concern about those in the region living with HIV/AIDS.

Now elected by her constituency of Khonkaen, Senator Rabiaprat Pongpanit capably and graciously accepts responsibility for her nation’s women, children and elderly. She guides Thailand towards improved policy and dialogue as Vice-President of the nation’s Senate Committee for Women, Children and the Elderly, and as President of the Sub-committee for Women of the Thai Senate. In her role as a policy maker and advocate, she has heralded promotion of the status of women in Thai Buddhism, and called for Thai women’s rights to higher ordination as Samaneris and Bhikkhunis. She has advocated for the legal inclusion of Samaneri and Bhikkhuni in Sangha Law. Senator Rabiaprat Pongpanit has raised the consciousness of fellow Senators and of Thai people as to the benefits of Samaneris and Bhikkhunis for contemporary Thai society.