Maechee Juteepa Tapasut


Maechee Juteepa Tapasut earned her B.A. in law and holds an M.B.A. (Master's in Business Administration). After graduation she worked for the Thai government in rural development projects. She transitioned from the government sector to the private sector, establishing several business enterprises, and ultimately deciding upon having a law firm. She raised one daughter.

Later in life she began to practice meditation, and came to a deep understanding of peace of mind. After two years of intensive practice she decided to ordain as a Maechee, and began to offer her life in community service. She identified youth in need, youth abandoned, youth physically and sexually abused, youth with no where to turn. She opened her heart and brought forth her analytical skills to develop Dhamma Protection Orphanage in Kanachaburi, Thailand .

At her center she offers: residential care and love for youth in need, non-formal education, vocational training, Dhamma education, and a program of Dhamma outreach to neighboring communities and schools. Just as a lotus rises towards the sunlight and blossoms, Maechee Juteepa Tapasut has done likewise radiating her beauty and love to others.