Sanitsuda Ekachai


Clarity of vision and integrity characterize Sanitsuda Ekachai. This cutting-edge journalist addresses complex and demanding issues with the clarity and integrity of an international leader. Whether in the field or in the office, she stands square and strong to protect the vulnerable in society and champion human rights.

At the Bangkok Post she works as an editorial columnist offering clear reflection to the public when issues become muddled and confused. As an assistant editor, she guides her staff and the stream of writing for the "General Features" section. Her expertise is vast and her specialized writings include: development issues, specifically rural development, Thai Buddhism, and gender equality.

Her work, recognized and respected by the best of professionals, earned her several awards to date. She has authored: Behind the Smile: Voices of Thailand, Seeds of Hope: Local Initiatives in Thailand and Keeping the Faith: Thai Buddhism at the Crossroads.