Bhikkhuni Rahatungoda Saddha Sumana

Sri Lanka

Bhikkhuni Rahatungoda Saddha Sumana’s lifetime contribution to Buddhism is most praise worthy. In robes for nearly half-a-century, 48 years to be exact, she ordained at the age of 14 and lived for 42 years as a Dasa Sila Mata or ten precept nun.
Then in 1998 she was selected to travel to Bodh Gaya , India for Bhikkhuni ordination (full ordination). Now, she even has the honor of being a preceptor Bhikkhuni (teacher) for international women as she can speak English. In 2003 and 2004 she came to Thailand during the rains retreat to assist in the development of the Bhikkhuni Sangha for Thailand .

In her homeland of Sri Lanka , she is actively building a sacred space within her temple for the renewing of precepts, an area known as an Uposathagara.