Maechee Rachada Amatayakul


Maechee Rachada Amatayakul’s interest in Dhamma began at an early age and has continued throughout her life. She excelled in academics and earned her Master’s Degree in Public Administration. She became a Buddhist nun at Phraputthabat Takpa Temple in Lamphun on December 9, 1983, and studied with the Bhikkhu Supromyan Thera Dhammachakko.

She renovated Pranon Monchange Temple , Phratat Doi Noi Temple and many other Buddhist temples in northern Thailand , and built many Buddha statues throughout the region. For years Maechee Rachada nourished good values in Thai youth by teaching Dhamma in the public schools. She also taught Dhamma to housewives and made outreach to teach Dhamma to prostitutes in northern and northeastern Thailand .

In 2000, she published the Buddhist Canon in Thai and Nepalese as a gift for His Majesty the King of Nepal, and she joined the official Buddhist monastic delegation to Nepal. In gratitude, the Nepalese government gifted Thailand with hundreds of Buddha relics which were distributed throughout the country as well as to temples abroad. In 2001, she invested her assets in building Lomphrachotong Temple as a Learning Center for Abhidhamma (Buddhist Psychology). The Center located in northern Thailand is now heralded for its excellence in Abhidhamma teachings.

Maechee Rachada also built Rachata Dhammasatan. Maechee Rachada educates the public and currently teaches vipassana meditation in Pasang, Lamphun Province, Thailand.