Bhikhuni Dhammarakkitta


Bhikkhuni Dhammarakkita was the first Samaneri and subsequently Bhikkhuni ordained in The Kingdom of Thailand. Bhikkhuni Dhammarakkitta completed her formal adult education in Australia. After 9 years of Buddhist practice as a Maechee, she ordained as a Samareri and then as a Bhikkhuni intent on the religious path to assist her Thai sisters and brothers.

In the context of Thai society, Bhikkhuni Dhammarakitta is very brave for going across the Thai social stream in order to bring a higher status to Thai women in Buddhism. Bhikkhuni Dhammarakkitta has respected the eight Garudhammas and lived in Thai Buddhist monasteries with Bhikkhus, despite discrimination and oppression. Bhikkhuni Dhammarakkhita peacefully cleans the dust from the eyes of those who cannot see clearly.

Bhikkhuni Dhammarakkhita’s heart is strong, still and silent. She walks forward and with each step brings forth change in Thai society.