Bhiksuni Hui Kun


Bhiksuni Hui Kun experienced a spiritual awakening one day when visiting a terminally ill Buddhist nun. After 30 years as a Buddhist Bhiksuni her life took a new course.

She learned all of the ways to properly treat the terminally ill and dying. She visited the Lotus Hospice Care Foundation and the Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital ’s “Lotus Flower of the Heart, Palliative Care Ward.” Then she set out to integrate Buddhist teachings and hospice care and she established the Yi-Ru (One Suchness) Hospice Care Association in 1999 despite a lack of workforce and finances. Bhiksuni Hui Kun has trained Buddhist Bhiksunis and Bhiksus in Taiwan to care for those in the process of dying, so that the terminally ill may die in peace.