Bhikkhuni Supeshala

Sri Lanka

Bhikkhuni Halpandeniya Supeshala of Sri Bodhi Aramaya in Borupana, Rathmalana , Sri Lanka walks in the footsteps of Sanghamitta Theri. Educated in the Dhamma, a B.A. and now studying for her M.A. in Buddhism, the Venerable is a Dharma Achariya. She is the principal of the “ Sri Bodhi Dharma School ” and a teacher at Dekanduwella Dhamma Training Center . Bhikkhuni Supeshala actively works at the international level via the Sakhyadhita Association and at the national level via the Sri Lankan Child Welfare Foundation & the Maitri Welfare Foundation.

During the tsunami disaster she worked tirelessly delivering food, clothing, medicine and shelter to the needy and networking internationally to meet the needs of her sisters and brothers. She met the needs of pregnant women and young girls affected by the tsunami through assistance from the Taiwanese of Fo Guang Shan Monastery. Bhikkhuni Supeshala preached the Dhamma and offered counseling to countless tsunami survivors.

She has worked to provide basic necessities for school children, visited factories in Sri Lanka to ease the suffering of poor women working long hours, visited prisons and encouraged female prisoners to devote their time to meditation and reading Dhamma books so that they may be better citizens, and freely visited hospitals to see our dear mothers and sisters who are ill. Each day Bhikkhuni Supeshala returns to her monastery with a loving thought for all beings.