Her Royal Highness Princess Ashi Dechan Wangchuck

The Kingdom of Bhutan

Her Royal Highness, Princess Dechan Wangchuk, born in the Dechencholing Palace and educated in India and England , emanates truthfulness and integrity. Her Royal Highness donates generously to the people of Bhutan , including 19,000 acres of personal land to the poor. Across the Kingdom of Bhutan Her Royal Highness , Princess Dechan Wangchuk is dearly beloved for her generous offerings of clothing, food assistance, and shelter to the needy. To meet the spiritual needs of the future of Bhutan , Her Royal Highness compiled the book, The Buddha and His Teachings, which was distributed to children and schools. She has also donated generously to the renovation of Buddhist Temples in Bhutan , including: Dobji Dzong, Tama Lhagang, Dorji Tse, Dorden Gompa, Pangtey, Taktsi, and others. May Her Royal Highness be bestowed with good health and prosperity for years to come in order for Her Royal Highness to continue to benefit the People of Bhutan and the world.