Maechee Sarocha Chaiyakate


Maechee Sarocha Chaiyakate has lived a monastic life for 26 years. She is the abbess of the Kao Phra Maechee Dhamma Practice Center since 1988. She served on the committee of the Thai Maechee Institute for four years, and was then elected as the Assistant Vice-President of the Thai Maechee Institute for eight years.

Maechee Sarocha devotes her life to social work and improving society. She has arranged many Dhamma projects, such as: a Buddhist Children’s Camp for teaching ethics to children since 1989. Maechee Sarocha also developed a Dhamma camp to help 2,000 children each year to stay away from drugs. In 2003, this camp was selected and promoted as the Dhamma Army by the Thai Army as a drug prevention project. It was promoted at the Dhamma Development Center of Derm Bang Nang Buaj District, in Suphanburi , Thailand .

Furthermore, Maechee Sarocha founded a Home Changes Life Project to support women and children who have broken families and are in poverty. She taught them how to change their lives towards self-sufficiency and happiness. Maechee Sarocha founded the Sajja Savings Group for Children in order for them to practice saving money as they are now faced with a consumer society. In 2005, she kindly received young addicts from the law court for emotional and spiritual counseling via Dhamma.

Maechee Sarocha arranges Dhamma practice programs for the public on Buddhist holy days and national holidays. Not only does she teach Dhamma, but she also teaches community building and has gathered Buddhists-of-faith together to build a two-story Dhamma practice building with a large and lovely Buddha statue.

Maechee Sarocha has performed these good deeds and countless others for the benefit of society and the next generation.