Bhiksuni Jing Ding


Bhiksuni Jing Ding was born in 1943 in Kaohsiung , Taiwan . In 1963, she became a Samani and in the same year she became a Bhiksuni at Taipei ’s Lin Chin Monastery. Following in the compassionate footsteps of the Buddha, in 1973 Bhiksuni Jing Ding began offering Life Education Activities to the community.

For more than 30 years, she has promoted the Buddha-Dhamma locally and internationally, with particular emphasis on television and media.

Bhiksuni Jing Ding has founded: the Tathagatha Choir in 1998, offering music to enlighten our hearts; Dhamma through Drama, using drama and local talent to bring the message of doing good deeds to people; Buddha Within the Family, establishing right values of self-respect and respect towards others in one’s family; Moral Education Camps for Youth, teaching undergraduate college students filial piety and social responsibility; Social Environmental Education, cultivating compassion, nature education and social harmony amongst those entering the monastery; and Education through the Use of Technology, utilizing broadcasting technology to bring Dhamma into family settings.

Bhiksuni Jing Ding established: Jin Lun College for Buddhist Education, training monastics; Life Enlightening Education, training educationists in religious education support; Layperson’s Buddhist Study Class, & Volunteer Study Class, cultivating right values towards life and country; and promoting the realization of Life Education, connecting with local governmental bodies to establish the Life Education Syllabus & Teaching Series, for social and moral education.

Bhiksuni Jing Ding believes in focusing on cooperative strength to help everyone. Thus, she holds the distinguished position of Honorary President of Taiwan’s Bhiksuni Association, whose objectives are to encourage harmony within the monastic circle, promote proper Buddhist doctrine, support the Triple Gems, and strengthen Buddhism with philanthropic, cultural and educational activities to develop the human heart and to help care for the society. Bhiksuni Jing Ding was the abbot of Bai Ma Monastery in Taipei , Taiwan , and is presently the Abbot of Yuen Chao Monastery and Dih Yuan Monastery, and other most praiseworthy posts, such as: being a member of the Board of Directors of Hua Fan University and a Hua Dao Jia Yuan Ci Fan Lecturer. A Bodhisattva indeed!