Dr. Bong Chu Lien


Dr.Bong Chui Lien of Malaysia is the Acting Dean of the Faculty of Liberal Arts, coordinating programs of study at the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree levels at the International Buddhist College in Sadao, Thailand. Dr.Bong’s talents in Dhamma, Abhidhamma and critical analysis well suit her for this exciting and challenging position of guiding the faculty at a new Buddhist College in Thailand.

Prior to this position Dr. Bong was a faculty member teaching Dhamma and Abhidhamma at Nan Hua Buddhist Seminary (Fo Guang Shan) in South Africa. Dr.Bong holds a Diploma in Buddhist Studies from the International Theravada Buddhist Missionary University in Yangon, Myanmar.

Dr.Bong Chui Lien’s formative educational background was in the sciences, degrees being from the University of Canterbury in Christ Church , New Zealand and her Ph.D. in Microbiology from the same educational institution. Dr. Bong was a research scientist at various institutes such as the Agricultural Research Center of Malaysia and the Malaysian Cocoa Board.

Dr.Bong’s expertise in the sciences, critical analytical and research skills well-honed have created a fertile ground for excellence in Dhamma and Abhidhamma studies, as well as leadership at the International Buddhist College.