Paweena Hongsakul


Paweena Hongsakul stands strongly for the rights of women and children in Thailand. Her early academic career is sparked with pioneering moves, such as a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the USA . Then she entered as a member of the first class at Prapokklao College in Thailand , followed by a B.A. & M.A. from Ramkamhaeng University. Currently she is enrolled in Chulalongkorn University ’s Ph.D. program in Economics, specializing in Political Economics.

Paweena Hongsakul held management positions in the private sector and then moved into the political arena for 18 years as a Congress woman and the first woman Leader of the House in 1992-1993. Chairperson of numerous committees such as: Youth Activities, Science and Technology, and Tourism, and climbing to the heights of Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, and Minster for the Prime Minister’s Office in 1999-2000, Paweena Hongsakul set the agenda and direction for a nation. She has been a Consultant for the Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Justice and the Deputy Prime Minister.

Paweena Hongsakul’s achievements in politics have a deep root in Buddhism, as her mother was a Maechee. She learned to protect the rights of the vulnerable in society. She established a foundation for women and children and has addressed compassionately the sexual abuse of girls and domestic violence against women.

For her countless good deeds, she has been honored with the Royal Thai awards of Maha Wachira Mongkut in 1999 and Maha Porama Pornchangpuek in 2000.