Phanee Boonyakamol


Phannee Boonyakamol was born on 20 October 1957 to Sampan Bansawat, her father, and Chalau Boonyakamol, her mother. She earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Management & Administration from Rajapat University , Suan Dusit Campus in Bangkok .

Phanee Boonyakamol took a job in Public Relations at the World Fellowship of Buddhist (WFB) in Bangkok , and has served diligently, positively and faithfully for thirty years, 1977-2007. For fifteen years she has been the Manager of the Young Buddhist Association, a subsidiary of the World Fellowship of Buddhists. In 1993 she became the secretary of the Foundation for Sponsoring Bhikkhus also initiated through the WFB.

In 2000 Phanee Boonyakamol became a committee member of the Dhamma in the Park Series at Benjasiri Park on Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok . Phanee Boonyakamol serves the four-fold Buddhist Sangha each and every day with a freshness and politeness that all remember. Her expertise in Management, well applied to organizing activities for the propagation of Buddhism, makes Phannee Boonyakamol an Outstanding Upasika in Thai and international Buddhism. Phanee Boonyakamol is a positive role model to the world of an earnest and excellent Upasika.