Maechee Suki Jitjaroen


Maechee Suki Jitjaroen is now 81 years old. While born in the province of Nakorn Ratchasima , her merits accrued in Songkla, southern Thailand. Maechee Sukhi completed secondary school, and then fully devoted herself to the propagation of Buddhism. Maechee Sukhi is committed, dedicated, and devoted, both physically and mentally to Buddhism. She has practiced and taught Dhamma and meditation for years and years.

Since a young age, Maechee Sukhi practiced meditation according to the Buddhist texts. Then she began her Dhamma talks and teachings, particularly the project, Dhamma for Mind Development, in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and China. She has taught monastics and laity alike.

Generosity is natural for Maechee Sukhi, and she has donated greatly to temples, the Thai Maechee Institute, hospitals and schools, as well as, for the construction of two Dhamma Practice Centers which she directs. Maechee Sukhi has also provided educational grants and educational supplies to individuals and schools.

In recognition for her great contribution to Thai Buddhism, Maechee Sukhi Jitjaroen received an award, the Sao Sema Dhammachak from Her Royal Highness Princess Sirindhorn.