Maechee Dr. Kritsana Raksachom


Maechee Dr.Kritsana Raksachom Raksachom of Thailand is a victorious, self-motivated woman of the highest integrity. Ordained at the age of fifteen as a Maechee, she resided in a temple with monks in Ubon Rachathani, northeastern Thailand.

Maechee Dr.Kritsana Raksachom, as a young woman, grew in depth, compassion and wisdom in the Dhamma and mastered the Abhidhamma Pitaka, Pali language, high school studies, a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities at Ramkamhaeng University in Bangkok, a Master’s Degree in Buddhist Studies at King Maha Chulalongkorn University, and continued onwards for her doctoral studies (Ph.D.) at the same esteemed university, where she is now a Ph.D. candidate.

As a Master of Pali, Dhamma and Abhidhamma, she teaches monks, maechees and laypersons at Wat Mahatat every half and full moon day. She has traveled widely throughout Thailand offering Dhamma talks and teaching international persons vipassana meditation.

As President of a Dhamma Forum at 4 schools, she accommodates hundreds of children offering precepts, meditation lessons and Dhamma for daily life. As a member of the Maechee Institute’s Committee, Maechee Dr. Kritsana is the abbess of their Branch Temple in Chinat , Thailand. In the future, Maechee Dr. Kritsana Raksachom sees herself teaching Dhamma to large groups of youths. Maechee Dr.Kritsana invites people of all walks of life to the path of Dhamma.