Bhiksuni Xiou Xiun


Bhiksuni Xiou-Xiun, also known as “Xiou-Xiun Fashi” by people in Taiwan is among the monastic group of Bhikkhunis adhering to rigorous moral conduct (sila) and monastic rules (vinaya). Often times she is referred to as “Da-Shi Fu,” which means Great Master.

Bhiksuni Xiou-Xiun has been the abbess of Jin-Shansi Temple in Jiewfen, Taiwan since 1976. Her Temple nestles in a hillside and overlooks the sea. At the age of twenty in 1963, she became a Bhiksuni, and now still appears young and healthy even though in her sixties. Bhiksuni Xiou-Xiun grew up with rigorous Sangha studies, practices of moral conduct (sila) and the monastic rules (vinaya), and is well-known in this regard.

In 1979 Bhikkhuni Xiou-Xiun began “turning the wheel” by establishing religious estates and engaging lay people to profess Buddhism. She arranges Eight Precept Ceremonies for lay devotees on Uposatha days, and encourages the laity to undergo training and receive Bodhisattva vows. Bhiksuni Xiou-Xiun is an expert in the training and ordination of female novices and Bhiksunis in both Taiwan and abroad. Most importantly, she has taught and guided many new Bhikkhunis. She encourages and initiates Bhiksunis in Taiwan to be vigorous, mindful of their moral conduct (sila) and to live by monastic rules (vinaya). She also manages a retreat during the Buddhist Rains Retreat period and has organized ordination ceremonies by two Sangha parties in Taiwan. Her teachings have encouraged the growth of the Bhiksuni Sangha in Cambodia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

Each year Bhiksuni Xiou-Xiun initiates ordination ceremonies throughout Taiwan, serving the role of either the president of the Bhikkhuni Sangha or as a preceptor.