Bhikkhuni Santini


Bhikkhuni Santini was born in West Java, Indonesia in 1965. She participated in inter-faith dialogues on several occasions in Indonesia , and has participated in inter-sectarian Buddhist dialogues via Sakyadhita and the International Network of Engaged Buddhists.

Bhikkhuni Santini is a peacemaker and a pioneer having founded Perbiktin and the Kusalyani Foundation, and created Dhamma publications: Kusalyani Quarterly Magazine for Adults, Kalayani Quarterly Magazine for Teenagers, and Mitta Magazine for Children, as well as books on Dhamma and meditation.

She received her higher ordination via Fo Guang Shan Monastery in 2000, and engaged in retreats at the Bhavana Society, West Virginia, USA and at Song Dhammakalyani Temple, Nakon Pathom, Thailand. Bhikkhuni Santini organizes quarterly meditation retreats open to the public, and Upasika (8 precept) retreats as well. She has offered Dhamma talks abroad, as well as throughout Indonesia . During the tsunami which impacted Indonesia , Bhikkhuni Santini served her countrypersons selflessly. Bhikkhuni Santini is a brave and pioneering daughter of the Buddha.