Bhiksuni Chan Linh Nghiem


Bhiksuni Chan Linh Nghiem traveled into Laos as the Coordinator of the American Friends Service Committee working on issues of rural development with ethnic minorities, women & children, and then served as a UNICEF consultant to the Laotian government and local villagers creating programs for Early Childhood and Family Development. Bhiksuni Chan Linh Nghiem, in English “Sister True Adornment with Spirituality,” entered monastic life with the Mahayana Zen Bhiksu Thich Nhat Hanh in Plum Village, France, and received full ordination and Transmission of the Lamp of Wisdom as a Dhamma Teacher.

She led retreats and/ or traveled with her teacher in: France , Switzerland, the USA, Germany, Italy, Thailand, Laos, the UK , Holland, Vietnam & Malaysia. In Thailand, she is known as Bhiksuni Niramisa, and in 2002 she led the first retreat by a Bhikkhuni of this lineage in Thailand . She has traveled throughout Thailand teaching Dhamma and has been published in: The Bangkok Post, Sarakadee Magazine, Matichon, Kruntep Turakit, The Nation, Komchadluek, Dichan Women’s Magazine and on radio FM 96.5. She teaches that Theravada & Mahayana Buddhism are 2 wings of one bird.

Bhiksuni Chan Linh Nghiem is respected and beloved by all because she teaches love & gentleness.