Bhiksuni Jian Yin


Bhiksuni Jian-Yin was born in 1960 in Taizhong, Taiwan. In 1991, she was ordained by Venerable Master Wei Chueh at the Wanli Ling Quan Monastery in Taipei, Taiwan. In 1993, she had higher ordination at Miao Fa Monstery in Tainan. In 1996 Master Wei Chueh instructed her to hold the post of Abbess at Zhi Cheng Monastery in Ping Tung.

Bhiksuni Jian Yin promotes Buddhism suitable for today's rapidly developing society and has participated in many Buddhist conferences holding the post of associate director.

Her motto is: "The road of practice is long, yet one does not tire of it." She offers positive teachings of moral guidance, does Dhamma outreach to large institutions and has a charitable nature providing graciously for: the elderly, the poor, survivors of natural disasters, youth-in-need, indigenous Taiwanese cultural groups and various sectors of Taiwanese society, including supporting cultural activities and the arts. She believes that with maturity, guidance and steadfastness to truth that the good, beautiful and splendor of Buddhism can increase day-by-day.

In Taiwan she has been honored with many awards, including: 1987 Republic of China's Reverence for Elders Award; 1997 Chinese Senior Citizen's Association Respect for Elders Award; 1999 The Ministry of the Interior bestowed upon her temple the Outstanding Congressional Medal; 2001 Executive Yuan Indigenous Committee for Social Development Commendable Public Figure Medal; 2001 Executive Yuan Cultural Reconstruction Committee's Copper Prize;2003 Executive Yuan Cultural Reconstruction Committee's Silver Prize;2003 Ping Tung County's Reverence for Elders Award;2004 Friends of the Republic of China's Police Commemorate Prize;2005 Executive Yuan Cultural Reconstruction Committee's Copper Prize.

She believes that if one industriously does farm work silently, then the time will come when there is beauty for the world, a garden blooming with fragrant flowers.