Dr. Li Hua Yang


As a Dhamma teacher, psychiatrist and acupuncture doctor, Dr. Li Hua Yang of Taiwan nurtures goodness, kindness, compassion, joy and giving in herself and others.

Dr. Li Hua Yang was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 1961 and grew up in a family famous for its community service. Her father, a neurologist, served for many years as a voluntary doctor for national athletes and her mother has been the head of her neighborhood for forty years.

Dr. Li Hua Yang has brought happiness to others and removed their suffering which has earned her the title of Humanistic Bodhisattva. Her footsteps spread across Vocational Colleges, Buddhist Colleges, Prison Dharma Propagation, On-Campus Education and Children’s Summer Camps, lecturing on topics such as “Education on Life” and “Deathbed Care.”

As a licensed acupuncture doctor in both British Columbia, Canada and in Taiwan, she participated in planning the Canadian International Chinese Medicine Academic Conference to gather Chinese and Western medical professionals to discuss the prevention and control of diseases. In 1991 she was honored as a Western Canadian Woman on International Women’s Day, and in 2001 she was honored as an Outstanding International Volunteer in recognition of the United Nation’s Volunteer Recognition Year. Working in service of the community for 30 years with an optimistic attitude, she always brings joy, and hope to people everywhere she goes.