Sikkhamat Phussadi


Sikkhamat Phussadi is 83 years old. She was born on September 1, 1925 in Samut Prakan. She graduated from the Women’s Vocational College. She worked as a coordinator between the police department, lawyers and shop owners in order to help establish successful businesses in her area. Then for three years she worked as an educational administrator in a vocational college which offered classes for free to the community. Sikkhamat Phussadi also worked as an administrator in a building supplies store for three years. Next, she worked for three years as an accountant in an oil company. In 1971 she ordained as a Maechee.

As a young girl she enjoyed times together with her aunt going to the temple and listening to Dhamma talks about 5 precepts and 8 precepts. At the age of 13 she became a vegetarian and has been so ever since. Deep in her heart the young Sikkhamat Phussadi had a reverence for doing good and a fear of committing any wrong doings.

One day in the year 1973, when she was living at her temple of Asokaram, she heard a talk by a visiting monk and he spoke of his non-harming nature and refusal to eat meat, poultry or fish. She understood him immediately and decided to follow Bhikkhu Bodhirak as he traveled giving Dhamma talks. Sikkhamat Phussadi and two of her friends decided to change the color of their robes to brown and grey. They were then referred to as Mothers of the Dark-Colored Robes, later they were referred to as Mother Samaneris, and last as Sikkhamats.

In her meditation practice, she once meditated for 14 days without eating any food. One three-month rains retreat, she sat in meditation all night every night. She went “Tudong” almsrounds walking with a group of Sikkhamats and walked from Santi Asoke Nakorn Pathom to Chonburi, and then from Rayong to Si Chang Island. They walked the entire distance in a little more than one month. Sikkhamat Phussadi now practices a form of open eye meditation. She has written three books: The Principles of Practicing Oneself for Purity; The Path for Life; Blessings and Errors That Can Be Seen in This Life

Sikkhamat Phussadi was the first Sikkhamat, 10 precept nun, of the Santi Asoke Community, takes only one meal per day, and teaches Dhamma three days per week to followers of Santi Asoke. She listens to and counsels any person who would like to speak to her in order to heal his/ her heart.