Senator Tuenjai Kunchon Na Ayuthaya Deetaet


Tuenjai is a writer, very small, gentle, a lady and very strong. She was born in the capital of Thailand, and graduated with a B.A. in Political Science from Chulalongkorn University. Tuenjai decided to spend her life in the mountains, along with love for all life forms in the mountains. She has a good relationship and balance with human beings and nature.

Now, she spends her life with her warm and loving family in Chiang Rai, in the very far north of Thailand, near nature and the people of the north whom she loves. Her books include: Working in the Village With an Open Heart, 1985; The Way to Work Along With Community Participation, 1984; A Guide Book for Working With the Li Sau & Ak-Ka Mountain People, 1984

Her awards include: Outstanding Person of Thailand; Goldman Environmental Prize, 1994; Global 500 UNEP Award, 1992; Good Person in Society Award, 1993; Ashoka Fellow, 1990

Tuenjai Kunchon Na Ayutthaya Deetaet is a community development specialist, Senator, and “Child of the Buddha” as the Matichoon Newspaper has referred to her. Currently, she has been writing legislation to improve the role and status of women in Buddhism in Thailand, thereby following in the footsteps of the (now-deceased) Maechee Khunying Kanitha Wichiencharoen.