Bhikkhuni Mudita Teresa


Bhikkhuni Mudita is a gentle and peaceful woman. Her compassion she has extended as a school teacher for blind children, deaf children and as a counselor for troubled boys, boys in street gangs and young women survivors of sexual assaults.

Her studies of the Dhamma progressed steadily from her first contact with the teachings of the Buddha in 1995 to becoming an Anagarika, then a Samaneri and finally a Bhikkhuni. Bhikkhuni Sucinta explored Buddhism in Germany, Switzerland, Poland, the USA, Sri Lanka, India and Myanmar.

As a peacemaker she has participated in inter-faith community social engagement, and for five years participated in spiritual pilgrimages with other nuns, women and sometimes men. One such pilgrimage from Germany went to the memorial of the World War II Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland. Bhikkhuni Mudita also participated in meditation retreats at the memorial of the World War II Women’s Concentration Camp Ravenbruck in Germany.

Bhikkhuni Mudita works with the Buddha Haus Society of Germany and in October of 2006 founded the Anenja Vihara Monastery for women.