Bhikhuni Silananda


I was born on June 2, 1972 in Bangkok, Thailand. I have four siblings. My mother’s name is Supatra and she is excellent at sewing. She also has many friends. My father is an herbal doctor. He has a small pharmacy. When I was young I helped my parents to sell goods while I was a student. One year before I graduated with my B.A. degree from Ramkamhaeng University, I had a thought to begin exploring my heart. On New Year’s day after I graduated, I asked myself the question, “What is truly in my heart?” I never thought of ordaining.

I lived at Suan Mokh Monastery for 3 – 4 years, but I felt that I was not successful with obtaining my objective of answering the above question. However, I learned a way of teaching Dhamma from Bhikkhu Buddhatat. In my 5th year I was invited to explore the life of Bhikkhunis at Song Dhamma Kalayani Temple. I completed my studies there with Bhikkhuni Dhammananda and beyond the temple. Yet, I still had no answer to my question.

One day, I asked myself, “When will I die?” Then I thought that perhaps if I offer my life in service to humanity that it would be good. I went to ordain as a Samaneri with Bhikkhu Gosin. I felt that I entered into the heart of a fire. I still had many questions in my heart, so I searched deeper. I began to understand the answers to my questions. Then I went to study with Bhikkhu Kamkien at Sukato Temple in Isaan, Thailand. He has a great deal of loving-kindness for Bhikkhunis. I lived there 4 years and then departed to ordain as a Bhikkhuni.

I knew that after becoming a Bhikkhuni that I would meet with various obstacles, and that my responsibilities would be significantly more challenging. I decided to ordain internationally with Bhikkhuni Dr. Lee who then encouraged and looked after me. I ordained on March 8, 2006, departed my former temple, and went on to study for my M.A. degree in Buddhism at the International Buddhist College in Songkla, Thailand, where I now reside.