Maechee Waree Chuethasanaprasit


A leader of the Maechee Movement, Maechee Waree Chuethasanaprasit has been ordained as a Maechee for 42 years. Maechee Waree has empowered countless women to become Dhamma teachers, social workers, and to stand on their own financially through self-initiated projects.

Maechee Waree was born on April 3, 1945 and completed her Associate Bachelor’s Degree at Chonburi Vocational College in Thailand. She then became the Secretary to the Thai Maechee Institute and began to organize annual meetings for Thai Maechees. She established a national network of laywomen, and began empowering ordained women leaders one-by-one.

Her personal Dhamma teachings have met the needs of: women, youth-at-risk, youth in prisons, persons living with HIV/AIDS, persons addicted to drugs & vocational training for women. Primarily, she offers her teachings as Dhamma Camps for youth in schools. Maechee Waree is one of the key women to have given rise to a social work movement for Buddhist women in Thailand.