Bhikkhuni Nantayani


Bhikkhuni Nantayani is the Abess of Nirotharam Temple in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Her women’s only environment is full of Bhikkhunis and Samaneris who have developed loving-kindness and compassion. She is raising the role and status of Thai women in the north of Thailand, an area infamous for sex trade. She is also successfully working with a four-fold Sangha.

Bhikkhuni Nantayani teaches Dhamma that really helps a woman to improve her life and realize her duty and role in society. Her novices have prepared their own chanting book and have created small Dhamma booklets on diverse Dhamma topics.

Bhikkhuni Nantayani teaches her Samaneris as they clean the temple, that they are cleaning the property of the Buddha. She and her disciples respect and strictly follow the rules of the Buddha.