Maha Pajapati College


Maha Pajapati was the first Bhikkhuni of Buddhism. After 300 years of Maechees in Thailand, now the role and status of Maechees is beginning to improve greatly as women now have access to higher education. Maechees and laywomen graduates of Maha Pajapati College are now becoming elementary and high school teachers, government employees and Dhamma teachers.

This was the dream of Maechee Khunying Kanitha Wichiencharoen (now deceased). This dream came to fruition through the wisdom and compasion of Dr. Suteera Vichitranonda, the Thai Maechee Institute, the Thai Ministry of Education, Thai Bhikkhus and the community-at-large.

After 15 years, the project is now complete with educational services and many community outreach programs.