Bhikkhuni Dhamma Vijjani


Bhikkhuni Dhamma Vijjani is 51 years old and an architect by training. She completed a B.A. in Architecture from Silapakorn University, Thailand and an M.A. in Architecture from the University of Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Though she worked in an architectural team successfully, she saw suffering at work. She sought peace beyond the confines of the workplace. After she practiced meditation at a Goenka center, she gained greater insight into herself. Gradually, her faith & wisdom in Buddhism increased. She began to feel that insight into herself via vipassana meditation was more important than being rich or having fame through her career as an architect.

Bhikkhuni Dhamma Vijjani has expertise in Thai, English, French and German. She began to use her language skills in translation projects for Buddhism. Last year she became a Bhikkhuni. Now, she lives in the sugar cane fields of her mother’s land in Uthai Thani province, where she is making a meditation center called Dhamma Abode.

Bhikkhuni Dhamma Vijjani enjoys teaching vipassana meditation. She also teaches a samadhi form of repetitive motion meditation. She adapts the meditation techniques which she teaches as is useful to the person seeking her instruction.