Supaporn Asavachaichan


Ajahn Supaporn Asavachaichan holds a: B.A. and an M.A. in Economics from Thammasat University, Thailand, and an M.A. in Development Studies from the Institute of Social Studies, Hague, Netherlands. Ajahn Supaporn dedicated her life to working at Silapakorn University and over the years has used her talents as a faculty member, department head and associate dean.

Ajahn Supaporn is a Buddhist economist. She analyzes macro-economics and the world economy from a Buddhist perspective. At Mahidol University she presented, “The Economic Crisis of the United States of America: From the Perspective of Buddhism.” At the International Conference on Buddhism and the World Economic Crisis, held in October 2009, she presented, “Buddhism and the Financial Crisis.” Ajahn Supaporn also authored, “Money: Human’s Master or Servant.”

Her peaceful, simple and insightful solutions to solving the economic crisis have been well-heeded and appreciated by the Thai and international community alike.