Maechee Chavewan Smith



Maechee Chaweevan, age 72, graduated from Phranakon Commercial School, and worked as a government employee for the Highways Department. She travelled to the USA. She studied computers. She studied nursing at Chandler Convalescent Hospital. Her nursing specializations include caring for: geriatric patients, drug abusers, suicidal persons, and self-destructive persons.

She was married for 24 years, and her husband passed away. In 2007 she became a Maechee, 8 precept nun, at Puritata Wanaram Temple in the USA. Subsequently, she returned to Thailand to serve at Maha Pajapati Theri College, in Paktongchai, Nakhon Ratchasima. In Thailand she deepened her Dhamma studies to graduate at the highest level. She explored many Buddhist projects, and made self-study in the library.

She brought forward her knowledge to help lead and advise students a Maha Pajapati College, and to be a speaker at many schools in Nakhon Ratchasima. She excels in leading Dhamma Camps, and in working together with others on countless Dhamma projects.

In addition, Maechee Chaweevan Smith, has offered Thai language lessons to international students to promote a bridge of understanding. Maechee Chaweevan gives selflessly her wisdom and compassion cultivated over a lifetime back to the women and girls of her birthland.