Sabine Hayoz-Kalff


Sabine Hayoz-Kalff is a teacher of expression through painting, and an art therapist who works with individuals and groups in her studio in Zollikon, Switzerland. She trained in expressive art with Arno Stern, founder of the method. Her training in art therapy and psychodrama was through DGKT, the German Association for Art Therapy, and she has been a member of DGKT since 1987. She has engaged in Buddhist studies and practice since 1981 with Tibetan lamas and western Buddhist leaders, and is the manager of the Buddhist Center in Zollikon, Switzerland. She completed 6 years of meditation teachers’ training with Sylvia Wetzel, in Berlin. She is a certified meditation teacher, and co-leader in Syvia Wetzel’s Meditation Network, “Tara libre,” in Germany and Switzerland.