Atchara Sirimaha


Atchara Sirimaha is 64 years old and a retired, government-school teacher. She earned her B.A. in Education from Rajapat University in Chantaburi Province. After she retired, she began an active endeavor as a community health volunteer. She works actively with the district and provincial governmental authorities and hospitals and is the President of the Health Care Volunteers Association of Rayong Province. Atchara Sirimaha specializes in mobile monitoring and interviewing of persons with non-contagious diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Her efforts have earned her many honors, including:

• In 2008 National Disease Prevention Award in cooperation with the Tapong District Government

• In 2009 Creating a Learning Center for Community Well-being Award From the Institute for Developing Community Organizations

• In 2010 Outstanding Award for Non-Contagious Disease Prevention in Rayong Province

• In 2011 Outstanding Woman Award for Promoting Community Well- being and A Women’s Network in Rayong Province

Atchara Sirimaha promotes community well-being and reduces human suffering.