Bhikkhuni Kachayana


At a time when it was discouraged for women to study, this pioneering woman earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing & served as a nurse at Hat Yai Hospital in Songkhla Province 30 years.

At the age of 56 she retired & took another bold step by renouncing lay-life & becoming a maechee. She built her own temple.

After 12 years of practice she ordained as a Samaneri, & went on to fulfill a vow which she had made years earlier at the foot of the Bodhi tree in India, namely the vow to ordain as a Theravada Bhikkhuni.

Now, at the age of 69, Bhikkhuni Kachayana, studyies for her M.A. in Buddhist Studies at Maha Chulalongkorn University in Nakornsi Thammarat & encourages ordained women to follow a path of higher studies in Buddhism.

Bhikkhuni Kanchayana is raising the role & status of Thai women via higher ordination & graduate education.