Babeth M. van Loo


Babeth M. Vanloo is a highly accomplished film & television director, producer, & media artist based in Amsterdam. With her production company Film Art Amsterdam, she has produced over 50 TV programs & directed numerous documentaries, including:

• Bhutan: Women of the Dragon Kingdom

• Bhutan: Gross National Happiness

• Non-violent Resistance

• Coming Home: the Cremation of Khandro Llhamo

• Women & Buddha Potential

• The Dedication of Matthieu Richard

• Meredith Monk – Inner Voice

• My Reincarnation

Her projects, which mainly focus on art, social engagement, & spirituality, have been

broadcast on television stations worldwide, including PBS in the USA, NHK in Japan, WDR in Germany, Antenne 2 in France, & VPRO, IKON, EO, & BOS in the Netherlands.

Between 1977 & 2000, she taught filmmaking & media at several international art & film academies, & from 1994 to 2001 she worked as a producer for internationally acclaimed filmmaker Johan van der Keuken.

Since 2000, she has served as the Programming Director of the Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation (BOS), the first Buddhist TV station in the Western world that is part of the Public Broadcasting System for producing & broadcasting documentaries.

In January 2001 the BBF started broadcasting Buddhist programs via television, radio & the internet at the dawn of a new millennium. BOS focuses on the practical implications of Buddhist insights which contribute to a healthy, enlightened society.

Babeth M. vanLoo documents diverse groups within the Buddhist community with programs of a multicultural nature, integrating themes of interdependence & the paramitas.