Maechee Nipaval Charoenkul


Maechee Nipaval Charoenkul, also known as, Maechee Vimutthinundha was born in 1957. She ordained in Pasukhato Temple in Chaiyabhum.

Maechee Nipaval completed her Dhamma studies at the Beginner’s, Intermediate and Advanced Levels. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Education.

At present she teaches Morals, Ethics and Dhamma at schools across Thailand. Maechee Nipaval has been an invited guest speaker at various meditation and Dhamma camps in Thailand.

Maechee Nipaval teaches Buddhist stories on the radio from the Sutta Tipitaka.

Administratively, she is the Vice-President of the Thai Maechee Institute. In addition, she administers the ordination of girls as Maechees for the summer holiday. Annually, she administers a seminar to improve the skills of Maechees. Maechee Nipaval organizes the “Way of Love” project, the “Open Temple on Sundays” project, and the “Junior Temple Manager” project.