Jan Hsiu Jung


As an outstanding calligrapher who has received many achievements and awards, Ms. Jan Hsiu-jung is more than just an artist good with brushes. She’s also a recognized humanitarian, and a philanthropist. A devout Buddhist, her Buddhism-themed calligraphy works of many sutras are unique for their artistic styling, visual presentation and for the media in which they were created. As part of her philanthrophy, Ms. Jan Hsiu-jung donated her work for charity to benefit victims of the Tohoku earthquake in Japan in 2011. Additionally, in an effort to promote better relationships between mainland China and Taiwan, Ms. Jan Hsiu-jung created and gifted her works to the ex-Chairman of the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits during his first visit to Taiwan. Ms. Jan Hsiu-jung’s calligraphy works are timeless and transcend the ages. She works tirelessly to promote the art of Chinese calligraphy througout the world. It is her hope and vision that her contributions will foster peace and harmony in society and at the same time, help others to discover personal happiness and freedom.