Ramphan Chuchai


Born on 22 February 1957, Ramphan Chuchai earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Community Public Health. An active promoter of good health in Lampoon Province she was the President of Umong Hospital in Lampoon for 34 years. Ramphan has successfully integrated the healing of individuals and communities via Dhamma and healthcare.

Nowadays, she is a meditation teacher in the network of the Power of Mind Institute and is an invited speaker in healing via traditional medicinal approaches according to the teachings of Dr. Green (Mau Keaw).

She is studying at present the Abhidhamma via post from Maha Chulalongkorn University.

In her career and life she has practiced the Four Boundless Qualities continuously as a means of helping to reduce her own suffering and that of others and thereby bring forth: loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity in the heart of the community.
She has organized Dhamma sessions for community members and youths and brought in Dhamma teachers both ordained and lay to foster the 5 precepts. On the weekends she uses her own money to organize Dhamma seminars. Her extensive background in healthcare has given her the opportunity to organize Dhamma sessions for healthcare workers and volunteers throughout Chiangmai Province. Every Thursday she organizes a Dhamma activity to the Triple Gems including chanting and meditation. Once each month she teaches natural healing methods to those who are interested in studying about natural healing and infuses Dhamma into these seminars.

Her work with teenagers – teaching them the 5 precepts via dialogue has brought her hope for the future of Thailand.