Bhiksuni Pu Hui


Bhiksuni Pu Hui


Most Venerable Master Bhiksuni Pu Hui was ordinated under Most Ven. Master Bhiksuni DeXi, the Abbess of Taichung Shen Zhai Tang. In 1964 after she received her Bhiksuni vows from Shi Fang Da Jue Temple, she went to Shoushan Buddhist Institute to study Buddha-Dharma. In 1969, she returned to Shen Zhai Tang to take the post of President and Abbess. For the past 50 years she has maintained these 2 posts and invested all of her life in social work, community service and propagation of Buddha-Dharma!

From time to time she has been involved in government social welfare projects. One such project is providing assistance to the poor. Whenever a disaster or accident occurs, she emanates the Buddha's compassionate response and instantaneously provides the needy with assistance. For many years she has responded to the Social Affairs Bureau of Taichung City Government's call to assist the poor and the elderly; therefore, she annually organizes the Winter Charity Service to provide food, clothing and care for the poor and elderly. From time to time, she sponsors healthy lunch programs for aboriginal children who live in poverty in remote regions. From time to time, she has responded to the Taiwan Justice of Ministry's call for providing counseling services to inmates, and she actively teaches Buddha-Dharma to the inmates of Taichung Prison. She has responded to the Taiwan Government's International Relief Operations by donating to Nepal, Japan, Southeast Asia, and China for Relief & Rebuilding Operations.

She protects Buddhist temples and properties of Buddhist organizations, as well as, responds to Taiwan government's call for all religious groups to follow the laws of the land. She organizes many talks on laws and government regulations of religious organizations. Every year she organizes a large prayer ceremony to celebrate the Holy Birth of our Lord Buddha and spread the teachings of the Buddha's compassion and loving-kindness. She has actively organized many China and Taiwan Buddhist interaction programs, thus fostering mutual learning between Bhiksunis from both sides of the Taiwan's Straits. As the Executive Director of the Buddhist Association of the Republic of China and during her term as the President of the Taichung Buddhist Association, she has actively promoted the activities of both associations, and used the resources of both associations to spread Buddha-Dharma and transform the minds and habits of people into doing and thinking virtuously. She founded Taichung Shen Chai Elementary School to bring Buddha-Dharma and Buddhist culture to ordinary children and people.

Annually she conducts regular Buddha-Dharma classes, Dharma talks, youth Dharma camps and children's Dharma camps. All these activities are designed to purify the minds of people and transform our society into a better place. Annually she conducts a 7-Day Pure Land Retreat and 8 Precepts Group Practice with the aim of bringing blessings to our society. Yearly she organizes Chong Yang Respect Our Elderly Program to promote and strengthen the good tradition of respecting our elderly. She regularly conducts Buddha-Dharma Discussion Class to spread Buddha-Dharma widely and deeply. She organizes a special prayer and merit making ceremony to celebrate Earth Dayand promote environmental protection. In 2015 Taiwan was suffering the widespread of dengue fever, she responded with a special prayer and merit making ceremony to bring hope and security to the people.

She has been trying to restore Buddhism to its former glory and excellent order, and her efforts have resulted in many glory achievements. In 2011 she became the President of the Chinese Bhiksuni Association from day one she has been trying to amass all Taiwanese Bhiksunis to restore Buddhism to its former glory and excellent order. Every year she takes the post of the Witness Teacher at the Receiving Bhiksuni Precepts Ceremony, because of her aspiration to spread the Bhiksuni precepts. She has been amassing all Taiwanese Bhiksunis to spread Buddha-Dharma, create sound Buddhist regulations and protect the Triple Gems. She has been trying to uplift the status of Bhiksuni in the Taiwan society, and using the resources and network of Bhiksuni Association she has conducted on many social works, cultural and educational activities. She has been organizing academicseminars with the aims to develop Buddhist talents and uplift the quality of Bhiksunis. She has worked with various women groups to organize many charitable, cultural and educational activities. She has been organizing many international Buddhist visits to promote Taiwan and foster the international Buddhist cooperation.

Bhiksuni Pu Hui graduated from Dong Fang Buddhist Institute. Currently, she fulfills with

dignity the following duties:

  1. Buddhist Association of the Republic of China, Executive Director
  2. Taiwan Buddhist Association, Executive Director
  3. Chinese Bhiksuni Association, President
  4. Taichung Shen Chai Elementary School, President
  5. Taichung Shen Zhai Tang, Abbess

She previously served as:

  1. Taichung Buddhist Association, President
  2. Taichung Shen Chai Elementary School, Founder

Her honors include the:

2014 Taiwan's National Good People Good Works Eight Merits Awards.