Dr. Hea Ai Sim


Dr. Hea Ai Sim earned a Ph.D. in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Shando1ng University, China with extensive prior training in Malaysia and Taiwan. She has her own Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic in Malaysia now.

A Malaysian female Buddhist devotee, she was born in 1962 and is the eldest child. At the age of 18 she became actively involved in Buddhism and by the age of 26 became an active volunteer committing herself to the promotion and development of Malaysian Buddhism which has now spanned a more than 30 year period of time.

She has focused her talents on cultivating Buddhist youths via creative ways such as composing modern Buddhist songs for the Hilir Perak Buddhist Association, leading Buddhist youth camps and workshops, and ultimately was elected President of the Association. The put forth 4 main service areas: Dhamma Propagation, Cultivation, Education & Welfare. In particular, she established a fund for needy students. Also, she pioneered the construction of the Dhammacakka Building and the Bodhicitta Building for the Association.

At the same time, she was also actively involved in the Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia (YBAM), a national association. During my tenure as a national council member in YBAM, she served in different positions such as the deputy president, vice president, chairperson of Perak State Liaison Committee, chairperson of Welfare Committee, and chairperson of Culture Committee, director of the YBAM 5th Six-Year Plan, chairperson and speaker of the YBAM National Convention, and as a guest speaker at numerous Buddhist seminars etc. Although no longer serving as a national council member in YBAM due to an age limit, she is still actively involved in YBAM as their consultant.

At present, besides running my own TCM clinic, I am also a lecturer at International Medical University, Malaysia. As a practising TCM physician, I had served as committee member at the Malaysian Chinese Medical Association and the Academy of Professional Acupuncture and the Chinese Physicians Association of Malaysia. I was also the Head of Department for Chinese Medicine at the International Medical University, Malaysia and all of these opportunities have provided me with a platform to dedicate myself to the promotion and development of academic research in TCM.

Both Buddhism and Traditional Chinese Medicine are the main passion of her life, driving me to serve and be dedicated in whatever way she can. As far as she is concerned, achieving a balanced life with TCM and Buddhism is her goal, a lifelong pursuit. She will continue to serve with dedication and loving-kindness for the benefit of the community and requests the Buddha to always be her guiding light.