Mei-Jung Liu Pan


Mei-Jung Liu Panwas bornin 1954 inNew Taipei SanzhiVillage, then a remote village. Her family was very poor and very conservative. They highly treasured boys, while girlswere considered dirty and cheap. Therefore, at the young age of 5, she was helping on the farming, rearing the cows, and taking care of her siblings. Later, she became an apprentice at a wire-making factory. After work she cooked and cleaned for her family. Due to her diligence, vision and ability to overcome difficulties, she eventually became the owner of a wire-making factory and raised her children into successful people.

Besides success in her business and a happy family, she also has a compassionate heart and promotes vegetarianism. Therefore 24 years ago, she started the Renher Vegetarian Restaurant. She runsthis vegetarian restaurantbusiness not for making a profit, but instead it is run to promote vegetarian diet to protect our environment and save our planet, as well as to purify our minds. With that in mind she has creatively introduced many different dishes to attract more people to change their eating habits and way of life.

She loves to help others but she doesn't do it for publicity or to seek a payback; so, she always anonymously helps others, whoever and whenever the need appears.

Personal Practice

She loves doing charity. She is truly grateful for the kindness of others. She practices Dharma in her daily life therefore she strives to run her business and make profits through righteous ways. She practices dharma not only to purify her mind, liberating her own suffering and attaining happiness but also to benefit and safeguard the Dharma practice of all sentient beings.

Compassionate Care and Charity

For many years she has been concerned about the welfare of people living on the fringe, such as: street people, the elderly living alone, inmates and former-inmates. She has been providing financial support, material resources and shelter assistance to these people, so they can be free from hunger and cold, their financial and material problems can be solved. Then these people will be thankful and not go astray; it will rekindle their hope for a better future.

For many years she has been providing financial and material support to Buddhism and Taoism. She has been assisting masters, building and maintaining temples and stupas, hosting major prayer ceremonies, publishing scriptures. She hopes that through her support, masters can focus on their practice and spread their teachings, followers can have a supportiveenvironmentin which to practice, and all religions can bring harmony and stability to our society.

For many years she has been equally providing financial and material assistance to volunteer police. She hopes through her support more people will be interested in: volunteerism, a better and safer society, as well as, better traffic management.

Social Welfare

At her young age, she overcame many difficulties to excel through her diligence and abilities; this can be an example for all young girls to progress upward. Her excellent performance at work provides a good role model for working people. Her success in business contributes to the economic progress of our nation. Besides having success in her business, she is a very caring person. She takes good care of her workers; she greatly contributes to her community and society. All these good works make her a good role model for all women.

Self-awakening and awakening of others

She treasures all connections, and she strives to create positive connections. Mei-Jung Liu Pan practices the Four Boundless Qualities: compassion, loving-kindness, rejoice, equanimity. She also practices not doing (apranihitain Sanskrit) and not seeking while at the same times she fills her heart with love and virtues.