Sutham Viroonhaman


Sutham Viroonhaman, born 1960, is an agriculturalist. With a Bachelor's Degree in Public Administration and a Master of Science Degree in Geosocial-Based Sustainable Development from Maejo University, she has created a natural healing center for individuals and society.

Her love of nature and service-minded intention towards others earned her a degree in Thai Traditional Medicine from the Ministry of Public Health in Lamphun Province.

Following and teaching the 5 Buddhist Precepts and King Bhumibol Adulyadej's Sufficiency Economy Philosophy of living life simply and sufficiently are her inspiration.

Sutham Viroonhaman established Phudinpanmai Learning Center which translates as "Learning Center on a Hill covered with a Great Variety of Trees." Here she offers her services graciously and freely to those in need.

In addition, she offers her advice and guidance on how to create a positive, sustainable future at various community and government organizations where she is a committee member: including the police, the hospital, the cultural council, the national park, Lamphun College of Agriculture and Technology, and the Dream Weaving for Peace Foundation, to mention a few.

Sutham Viroonhaman lectures extensively throughout northern Thailand on Applying Buddhist Principles in Daily Life, Herbal Plant Use, and Living Life Sufficiently.