Yaowapha Patarateeranon


Yaowapha Patarateeranon was born in 1956. She earned a Master's Degree in Development Administration at the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA). Upon her graduation she received Royal Honors.

Her worldly interests are in organizational behavior and human resource development, and she works to analyze hospital policy development for Lamphun Province. For forty years, she has worked to develop hospital policy in remote provinces in Thailand, including Lampang and Radburi.

Eight years ago she began to devout herself to Buddhism. She made outreach to teach and specializes in teaching and leading workshops on applying the 5 Precepts in Daily Life to village leaders and various government officials. Yaowapha has taught many thousands of people who have consequently made changes in their behaviors. During this time, she divorced her husband, maintained her job, and was awarded by the hospital 4 years in a row by Princess SoamsawaliKitiyakara for development of the morals and ethics of the staff and community.

Yaowapha Patarateeranon is hardworking and sincerely trying to improve the lives of others. She is planning to work whole-heartedly for Buddhism upon her retirement from the hospital this year.